Contact and Booking

For questions, or to book the Big Bug Bag contact Pete by:
Phone: 07531 607007



Whole Day 5 x one-hour sessions 240 (1.60/child)
Whole Day 4 x one-hour sessions 220 (1.83/child)
Half Day 3 x one-hour sessions 180 (2.00/child)
Half Day 2 x one-hour sessions 140 (2.33/child)
Half Day 1 x one-hour session 100 (3.33/child)

For an additional charge of 25 to the cost of a 3, 4 or 5 hour visit, I will be pleased to give half hour sessions. This gives larger schools the chance to offer a big bug bag session to every class in one day.


1 hour 100
1 hours 125
4-5 year olds' parties (40-45 minutes) 80


1 hour 100
2 hours 140
3 hours 180
4 hours 220
5 hours 240
6 or more hours Contact Pete for prices

Discounts are available for charities and community events.

* All of the above prices are exclusive of travel costs (applicable outside of Bristol).
Travel costs are kept to a minimum by the use of the most cost effective option available for any particular engagement.


Animal Display, Supply and Presentation
250 per day (9am-5pm), plus expenses
Any hours worked after 5pm will be charged for at 30/hour for the first hour and 50/hour thereafter.

Horsehead Grasshopper

Striped Love Beetle

Hissing Cockroach