FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What area do you cover?
The Big Bug Bag is based in Bristol and covers the surrounding counties.

How many sessions can you do in a day?
I offer up to 5 sessions in one day.

How many classes can attend a session?
A session can be for one or two classes. The experience may vary according to the size of the group.

Do you provide a Risk Assessment?
Yes. A full risk assessment is available on request.

Will you bring any dangerous animals into the school?
None of the animals in the Big Bug Bag are dangerous.
  • I do not keep any animals with venom that is dangerous.
  • Any animal with venom or irritating hairs will be kept in a sealed container for the duration of the visit.
Is the show suitable for children who have a phobia about creepy crawlies?
Yes. I am very sensitive to the fears and needs of children with a bug phobia. (They often end up asking to hold one of the bugs! This is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job).

Will the Big Bug Bag link in with the national curriculum?
Yes. Go to the Information for Schools page for details.

Are you Insured?
Yes, I am insured for £5 million Public Liability.

Do you have a current CRB check?
Yes. I have a current CRB with Bristol City Council.

Iím scared of creepy crawlies, will the Big Bug Bag cure me of my fear?
The Big Bug Bag is a great way to get over any fear of bugs. The experience tends to leave people with a new found respect for creepy crawlies. After a visit from The Big Bug Bag, people don't always end up loving bugs, but they definitely see them in a whole new light.
Horsehead Grasshopper

Striped Love Beetle

Hissing Cockroach