Information for Events Organisers

"The Big Bug Bag was an incredible addition to the Bristol Festival of Nature in 2009. It surprised, intrigued and inspired our visitors with its mix of unusual creatures and expert, but accessible, information." Angela Congedo, Organiser, Festival Of Nature

The Big Bug Bag is available for events such as Festivals, School Fairs, Street Parties, Garden Parties, Community Events and Church Fairs.

The most popular options that organisers choose when booking the Big Bug Bag for an event are:

1) A Big Bug Bag walkabout…
• Pete wanders around the event with an assortment of bugs (the bugs are carried around one at a time).
• Visitors at the event get the chance to get a really good look at the animals and ask questions.
• People who wouldn’t usually go to look at a “bug show” are invariably amazed to get such a good look at an exotic animal.
• Pete is very aware of some people’s fear of creepy crawlies and has learnt how to read peoples willingness to be close to his animals very quickly to ensure that he doesn’t spoil anyone’s day.
2) A Big Bug Exhibition…
• Pete’s bugs are exhibited on a table so that visitors can see up to 20 different animals in one visit.
• Insects such as Stick Insects are displayed on twigs to show their fantastic camouflage.
• Animals such as Spiders and Scorpions are displayed in sealed transparent containers.
3) A Big Bug Bag Show…
• See Info for Parties for details of the Big Bug Bag show.
"Pete's beautiful and exotic insects were instantly engaging for children and adults alike. Every time I saw Pete with his bugs he was surrounded by an utterly captivated, open-mouthed crowd." Ellen Dowell, Manager and Curator of Einstein's Garden - Green Man Festival
Horsehead Grasshopper

Striped Love Beetle

Hissing Cockroach