Information for Parties

"Incredible, managed to keep 10 young children captivated!"

A visit from the Big Bug Bag is a great way to get a party going. Pete arrives with his bag of bugs and proceeds to amuse and amaze with a fun filled hour of discovery about the natural world.

During the show the children will meet giant Stick Insects and might come face to face with a Praying Mantis, a Horsehead Grasshopper or a walking "Leaf".

The children can also meet Daisy, the Mexican Tarantula and the vicious Assassin Bugs (and can get as close as they like… these animals are kept safely behind glass). New creatures are constantly being added to Pete’s collection… iridescent Beetles, giant Scorpions, Moths, Millipedes and much more!

Many people who book the Big Bug Bag choose to give the entire party a bug theme, with food, games and activities (not provided) given the bug treatment!

A one-one ˝ hour session will include close up views of all of the animals on show. The children will then be able to hold some of the exhibits.

Children, teenagers and adults alike are entranced by the wonders of the natural world when the Big Bug Bag visits.

"It was great to have you here yesterday. All the kids were riveted. Your presentation style is brilliant. Thanks again for a brilliant day!"
"We all really thoroughly enjoyed the party - fab for all ages!"
Horsehead Grasshopper

Striped Love Beetle

Hissing Cockroach